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Bob Dylan - Last Converted!

I passed the last issue that is missing one essential Minosie categories, namely - "Authorities" . However, in our world, are missing more than ever. One of them - as for many I think - he left six years ago, some of you probably have their own, because you do not have to be famous, a man well known to deserve this title, however, ranging from Bob Dylan , which for me is a special form, for the sake of the evolution of life, the way we passed became a different person, I would like to create a small set (as a completely subjective) authority in the world, great men, known and respected, but those who do not fully are known. He inspired me to a document, which some time ago, before wyciepnięciem potrzaskaniem in the garden and the TV, I had a chance to see the ecumenical station. In addition, I found among the unnecessary waste paper, an interesting article, presented to the newspaper, um ... "Fairy" Probably, I do not know where I have ... I'd like to share with you. Unfortunately, although I was looking for, I could not find the author ... Pes! Nothing, however, because he probably does not infringe any taboo ... At the end of the info can be found everywhere in the network. To work:

"Chwyćmy to all for your hands and praise the Lord"

thank him for his health and we pray that flowed down upon us the light of love - this call is not made a priest during the service. In this way, before the concert, he turned to his musicians revolt against the whole world was once Bob Dylan. After a few minutes praying, wearing a black leather jacket, stepped onto the stage, bowed to the audience and said: "Yes, one rarely hears about Jesus, so today you talk about him" . Devotees rub my eyes in amazement. Some shouted that he began to sing, while others waited patiently until the end "sermon" and reach for the guitar.

- Ok, so now the singing - said after a long speech.

audience started clapping
, but do not yet know that soon it will meet another disappointment. Instead of the highly anticipated hits, superstar unveiled for new songs, whose titles speak for themselves. First, he played "I believe in you, Lord," and then "When I przebudzicie." Reviewers wrote that the artist, something strange happens. There have been allegations that the congregation carry with his religion in order to provoke media coverage and sell more records. But he did not respond to these malignancies. I sincerely believe that he has finally found the right path. But already at the threshold of a career he composed one of the most famous songs of the twentieth century - "Blowin 'in the Wind." It consisted of the same questions to which "only the wind knows the answer." After 10 years, he was tormenting him closer to a solution doubt, and no less famous hit "Knockin 'on Heaven's Door." However, only in the age of 37 believed that the knocking was heard and the door opened.

"Just Do not Write Poems"

This spiritual transformation led a long and winding trail. All the ancestors of Robert Allen Zimmerman - because that was his name, before accepting the artistic name Bob Dylan - were Jewish immigrants from Ukraine and Russia. My father, an industrious merchant, he taught him from an early age the principles of crude morality.

- A man may fall so low that they would forsake him, even parents - his father warned. And after a pause he added: - But God will always believe in his conversion.

Dylan, as a global fame, recalled several times in interviews these words. While also allowing you to understand that also apply to him because, like most artists, he drank popalał marijuana, betrayed his wife and another mistress. But I never fought so low that it had to be save. Not addicted to drugs, had not provoked a drunken brawl, do not beat any of his men, did not abandon the children. Instilled in childhood rules did not allow him to do something against me.

early in the school knew that his vocation is music and poetry. For hours he practiced playing the guitar and piano. But he was so obedient that the will of their parents and began studying.

- you very much, please, do not write poems, just learn - said before leaving the university of his mother.

- not play the guitar. Finally do something useful and come back with a diploma - echoed his father.

Robert chose a humanistic direction to address what he loved most: reading, poetry, writing and playing. He did it with such commitment, that one day he was kicked out of the dorm in which they lived religious students from Jewish families. Tease them that he worked on the Sabbath, ate pork, and worst, grew long hair and dressed up like the last lump. He became so messy that it drove him even owners of bars, where moonlighted as a musician. After a year, so decided that the family has had enough of Minnesota. Dropped out of college, he boarded the bus and without a penny in his pocket, he went to New York.

"Ballade at piwku"

Bob had a special gift to find women who przygarniały him, gave shelter, fed. Thanks to survive the most difficult period. In a big city no one is shocked, like so: Baggy military pants, too small for two numbers, jacket, niedomyte hair. Such circulated With thousands of originals. For a few dollars in the clubs he played for the rebellious youth and nightspots. Sam wrote lyrics, composed music and sang. He did it so well, that was quickly spotted by talent scouts who have scented an opportunity to earn goodies. After many years he had to sue them, but then he was happy that he can burn the first disc and occur in a real concert hall.

everyone with whom he met at the time, amazed the ease with which they created their works. You might as well have written to him in a room at a desk, as in a phone booth or on the beer-drenched bar counter.

- melodies and poems just there, and waiting to be written down - answered when asked, as possible. - If not me, someone else would have done it.

Over the years, however, came to the conclusion that music and poetry, God sends him. Even the biggest skeptics are not interfered with him in discussions on this topic. What is to be able to say if they heard that the legendary ballad "Blowin 'in the Wind," he wrote in 20 minutes, in one breath, without amendments, sipping a beer at the New York bar? A few months later, half the world singing:

"For how many years people will be able to bend his neck
do not believe that heaven is right?
How many tears, how much pain and complaints have
Pass and over already?
How close to death has to pass by us
To understand your man fate?
you will answer the wind blowing through the world
will answer your brother, only the wind, "
- (trans. Andrew Bianusz).

" A lot of time thinking "

from excess of happiness easily dizzy. Especially when you have a little more than 20 years. Dylan happened to go on stage stagger and stammer something unintelligible into the microphone, but he never lost touch with reality and did not slow the pace of work. His another ballad became even hymns of human rights activists and pacifists. They protested against injustice, racial discrimination and violence.

won such a position that when in 1985. he was invited to the biggest ever charity concert Live Aid, no one had any doubt that it should occur just before the big finale. His entrance alone Jack Nicholson said:

- some artist works speak for them, but there are developers who speaks for a generation. I have a personal honor to invite on stage voice of a generation of freedom, Bob Dylan!

Moments later the voice of the tribe sang the questions to which only the wind knows the answer.

In an interview, Dylan admitted that he could not live this wonderful moment if it was not an event from the past. It was a motorcycle accident, was pursued in 1966. Newspapers speculated then that he suffered severe injuries. Today it is known that only a slight fracture cervical vertebra. Although it was long bedridden. He had so much time to think. And then he realized how fragile life is even such a star, like him. The internal noise reduction, the family helped him. It was established, moreover, in the biggest secret - that he married a model Sarah Lownds , one and a half years nobody knew, even his friends. The registry office appeared only two trustworthy witnesses, and documents indicated in the rare clause "contained confidential marriage."

Bob and his wife Sarah and children: Jesse'm, Anna and Samuel
Sarah bore him five children, but Bob never showed them to the public. With her, moreover, too. When near his house started to spin up the fans and reporters, he bought the surrounding forest, fenced and hired bodyguards. He was - and remains - one of the few idols of pop culture, which literally takes the term "private life".

Until the year of the first major biography in any newspapers, there is no indication that it has entered into a marriage, and after 11 years got divorced. Behaved identically in the second compound, the chorus Carolyn Dennis, with whom he has a daughter. For all his children created the trust funds so that they can easily pay the cost of study and become independent.

"Who here reads the Bible"

Shortly after his return to health, Dylan received the message, which again led him to reflect on life. There were no signs of the drama, because Abram Zimmerman has always enjoyed good health. It is hardly surprising that the son who was always trying despite binge to maintain good relations with his parents, his death was a shock. After a religious funeral, Long Time No See relatives not to criticize or behavior, or appearance of Bob, but discreetly hands him a book on the history of Jews and Judaism.

- Review them and realize that fame and wealth is not everything - trying to convince his mother.

not just sight, but also read them carefully and went to Israel. When newspapers published photos of his prayer at the Wailing Wall, rumors began to circulate, he wants to return to his ancestral name, and even settle in a kibbutz. It is not known how much was truth in this. But in the United States appeared to be quite transformed. After the concert, when other musicians are relaxation, emptying another bottle of whiskey, he could suddenly ask, "You read sometimes Bible? ." At first they thought he was joking, but it was not a joke, or short-lived whim. In his texts, appeared more and more references to religion. Until he sang: "Mom, take me to this sign (the star symbol, a mark already ...?) I'm not needed, because I feel that I knock at the gates to heaven. "Dylan has never explained what the Mark wanted to resign, but there are indications that in this ambiguous way announced his departure from the religion of ancestors, whose symbol is the Star of David. In the new poems in fact gave to understand that, although studied all the books of the Old Testament, it is not found in their answer, which was looking for. And they need, especially now, when he separated from his wife and struggled with loneliness.

One day a friend of presented it Kennowi Gulliksenowi pastor, who led a small, very devout Protestant community called the "Brotherhood Winery.

- My life is empty - Dylan confessed.

- Maybe it's because the only real success is not fame and notoriety, but to understand the teachings of Jesus - replied the pastor.

cleric also suggested that Bob came to the church for a lecture about the science of Christ. Classes were held early in the morning, but the poet - but at this time usually just put to bed - accepted the invitation. And then for three months has not left even a single lecture! After several days he noticed too, that getting up early makes him a pleasure.

- I believe that Jesus was the Messiah - pastor said at the end of classes. And according to the Protestant liturgy, was baptized by immersion in water.

"Less Poor, More Love"

Since then appear at concerts in the black outfit, with a gold cross on his chest. Proclaim his new faith with zeal neophyte. He stopped to smile, and everything he did and said he treated seriously. One day, team members said that during the evening prayer in his room he felt the presence of Christ. Someone smiled, so reprimanded him and warned of eternal damnation. Likewise, treating the audience, who demanded that instead of preach, sing hits. Horrified managers, Dylan warned that if not relented in his religious fervor, will be considered sectarian and would not for someone to sing. And while "Brotherhood Winery" was not a sect, I must admit that it came from the most puritanical tendencies of Protestantism. So Bob had to say to them that for him, the only reference point is the belief, and nothing in his behavior does not change.

- Okay, but what faith? - ask the people he met on the tours. They blamed him for over-zeal and fanaticism. We also reminded of the family, including ongoing at Judaism's mother and adolescent children who grew up in the faith of their ancestors.

With time, however, somewhat mellowed Bob. He stopped forcing team members to the meetings held before the performance. And instead of a vision of hell to scare people, began to encourage them to think for a moment at least, what do you do that the world was less evil, and more love. In 1998, at the World Eucharistic Congress, appeared before John Paul II. The Holy Father listened to ballads about tapping into the gates of heaven, and called the poet to himself. For a moment he spoke very quietly, but suddenly the Pope raised his voice and said, so that all heard:

- say, my friend, that the response brings the wind. And indeed it is, although it is not the wind is the creator of all the answers, but the breath of the Holy Spirit who cries out: "Come after me! ."

Bob was delighted with the peer review of his work. Jew converted to Protestantism, and from the Polish head of the Catholic Church, so understood, if they belonged to one community. And no wonder, because Dylan is an artist who can get his message to every person on Earth - regardless of gender, religion, national origin and economic status. Come to his concerts now three generations of fans, they know that Bob will never fail, because who we sing beautifully, but it is worth it to go to heaven?


And it is thanks to people like Bob Dylan least, Messianic Judaism was born ... Granted, without beating, moving me deeply. Just taking in the Torah and the teachings of Jesus, we can understand all of God's creation (in a modest, human scale, of course) and when the time come to this path of no return. No wonder Bob's initial zeal for me also communing with the whole Judeo-Christian tradition, it's like driving fast without trzymanki ... But the more immersed in it, the more and more I learn and experience. This is It! - Anhelli!


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